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Histories of Nazi Germany

History of World War II

Nazi grafitti


German soldier

Hitler postage stamp

Into a memory hole

Hitler's office

Hitler, 1936

With child

Hitler, Himmler, and the S.S.

Der Fuhrer

Long live Germany!

Germany is free!

For aryan girls

Youth serves the Fuhrer!

For aryan boys

Nazis at the University of Vienna

Identity card: Samuel Schrijver

Jews are not welcome here


Marked 2


Priests giving the Nazi salute

A ghetto wall

The ghetto will be no more

A ghetto burns

Deblin Irena ghetto


Hanged Jew

Hanged Jews

A hanging in Minsk

A beating

Novi Sad 1942

Awaiting execution

Shot in the back of the head

A woman being executed in Belzec

Execution in the Lodz ghetto

Execution in a field

Counting corpses

Executed Jews

Hitler in Paris


Hitler on a Train

Boxcar to Auschwitz

Entrance to Auschwitz

Dogs in Plaszow

Processing prisoners in Buchenwald

Shaving new prisoners

Concentration camp uniform

Himmler inspects Ravensbrück

Forced labor

Forced to stand

Experiment with phosphorous

A tattoed child

Tattoed women

Abraham Borenstein

Forced walk from Dachau

Zyklon B

The oven

Mass grave: Bergen-Belsen

Mass grave: Mauthausen


Dachau Survivor

Bergen-Belsen survivor

Reaction to the dead

Evidence for Atrocities at Buchenwald

Hermann Göring at Nuremberg

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